SKAMPI is the conceptual base from which end to end minimum viable products are delivered as self standing artifacts. How those artifacts as assembled, configured and tested is determined by the source code define within the SKAMPI repository.

The primary artifacts that SKAMPI will deliver shall be the following:

  • SKA Mid
  • SKA Low
  • SKA Common/HQ (coming soon)

SKAMPI allows a user to perform the delivery, deployment and installation of a particular artifact onto a particular environment. Once deployed, it provides a user with the means to maintain the operations (re-deploy, upgrade, delete) and support and test its functionality.

As a platform that acts as the last place before taking the system into production,it needs to cater to a diverse set of stakeholders, providing a means to interact with the final integrated products resulting from upstream activities and ensure it delivers intended value to intended users and stakeholders:

  • Developers (for verifying changes in code base create desired end results)
  • AIV Engineers (for managing and coordinating new changes are pulled into higher level systems correctly)
  • Program Managers (for understanding and seeing first hand the results of requested features on the product)