Available resources

The folder called “resources” is a collection of resources used for testing and for configuration.

Makefile targets

This project contains a Makefile which defines the following targets:

Makefile target Description
vars Display variables - pass in DISPLAY and XAUTHORITY
k8s Which kubernetes are we connected to
k8s_test test the application on K8s
apply apply resource descriptor k8s.yml
get_versions lists the container images used for particular pods
logs POD logs for descriptor
rm delete applied resources
namespace create the kubernetes namespace
deploy_all deploy ALL of the helm chart
deploy_etcd deploy etcd-operator into namespace
deploy deploy the helm chart
show show the helm chart
delete_all delete ALL of the helm chart release
delete_etcd Remove etcd-operator from namespace
delete delete the helm chart release
traefik install the helm chart for traefik (in the kube-system namespace)
delete_traefik delete the helm chart for traefik
gangway install gangway authentication for gitlab (kube-system namespace)
delete_gangway delete gangway authentication for gitlab
poddescribe describe Pods executed from Helm chart
podlogs show Helm chart POD logs
localip set local Minikube IP in /etc/hosts file for apigateway
help Show the help summary


It is possible to setup a local SKAMPI environment using the ansible playbook available here.